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  • Weather has been rainy. We were off to a good Spring-start! My favorites, the lilacs, are budding and the flowers are just beginning to show...and there are little violets all over the yard that lend cheerful glances even in the rain! --Erik

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  • Lucille's 'George Bailey' Star Block
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  • Joanna P's Christmas 2010 Mystery Quilt
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Scrap Pile Mystery Quilts! From Our Readers

  • Ruth C's Scrap Pile Mystery Quilt
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  • Rolling through NW Ohio, SE Michigan...and points beyond!

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  • Cut a quick template from contrasting scrap fabric to make trimming a breeze! The fabric sticks to the piece you are trimming and makes it easy to turn the pieces on the cutting board!


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January 27, 2014



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  • "Harry Smatter, has a Mouth for every Matter."

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