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Quilt-A-Long Patterns and instructions

Our Readers Share! Photo Album

  • Lucille's July Fourth block
    Click here to see what our readers have made from our projects!

Our Susannah! Quilts Photo Album

  • Kathy S's Susannah! Quilt
    Click here to view photos of our readers Susannah! Quilts

Christmas 2010 Mystery Quilt Photo Album

  • Joanna P's Christmas 2010 Mystery Quilt
    Click here to view photos our readers have sent us of their Christmas 2010 Mystery Quilt!

Scrap Pile Mystery Quilt Album

  • Ruth C's Scrap Pile Mystery Quilt
    Click here to view the Scrap Pile Mystery quilt photos our readers have sent us!

  • Planning a road trip through NW Ohio, SE Michigan, and here

Erik's Tip

  • In the workshop we press and fold our fabric so that the selvage shows and is easy to locate. The selvage has all sorts of information often including the designer's name, mill house, and color information. If we need to know something about the fabric, it's easy to see!


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My Fabric Stash, one day at a time (photo-calendar blog)

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  • Our vintage 'Farmhouse' style 1940's make-over will soon be here! Keep an eye out for our new look!

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Tasty Spring Recipes

  • Peanut + Pea Salad (click here for the easy recipe!)

  • Cinnamon Roll Muffins (click here)

  • Cabbage and Sausage Hot Pot (click here)

  • Sunshine Coffee Cake (click here)


  • Benjamin Franklin Mystery Quilt. Click here for the latest information and pattern posted to date!

  • Our Susannah! Quilt. Click here for the entire set of instructions and pattern

  • Christmas Mystery Quilt! Click here for the entire pattern

  • Scrap Pile Clean-up Mystery Quilt! Click here for the entire pattern

Benjamin Franklin said

  • "He that would have a short Lent, let him borrow money to be repaid at Easter"

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